Innovation Takes Centre Stage at ProDEx 2018

Assoc Prof Dr Ng Swee Chin, speaking about the many possibilities available to engineering students in TAR UC.


Dr Teoh Choe Yung, Chairperson of ProDEx 2018, welcoming the audience.


Ir Dr Jayaseelan, the invited speaker, speaking at length about the necessary knowledge and skills to make it in the engineering world.


Ir Dr Leong Wai Yie (in bright green), Associate Professor of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, FOEN,  judging a project called, “SNAPLATE (Automated License Plate Recognition System) which eventually becomes one of the Gold Award winners.


One of the projects, a Solar Powered Object Finding Robot, created from Lego sets, which functions as a mechanism that finds small objects that people tend to lose.


ProDEx 2018 held on 10 January 2018 continued the showcase of the spirit of innovation of TAR UC students as they developed some of the most impressive solutions to various industry issues and challenges. There were altogether 43 projects involving 167 students from the Faculty of Engineering (‘FOEN’). ProDEx is a platform to showcase capstone projects of Year 3 engineering students in Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic, Mechatronics and Materials Engineering. Apart from exhibiting students’ projects, there was also a judging session where all the projects were adjudicated by internal and external judges (industry experts and academicians) to determine the most viable projects. Besides that, there was a voting session open to all visitors to vote for the best project.

The 12 projects that had been awarded with Gold and Silver are as listed below:


Booth No.


Gold Award


Water powered generator 2

Gold Award


Formula student 3

Gold Award


Fabrication of Binderless Particleboard

Gold Award


SNAPLATE (Automated License Plate Recognition System)

Silver Award


Water powered generator 1

Silver Award


Stand assist wheelchair 4

Silver Award


Long Range Control Smart House

Silver Award


2-Way Verification Door Unlock System (with Alarm System)

Silver Award


Development of SECS/GEM Communication Toolkit for LabView

Silver Award


NFC Smart Office Security and Safety System

Silver Award


Internet of Things 5

Silver Award


Internet of Things 6

The projects showcased at ProDEx touched on many areas such as Internet of Things (‘IoT’), Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’), among others. Dr Teoh Choe Yung the Chairperson of the event, commended the participants in his speech for their efforts. “I hope this event will be an enjoyable and memorable one because of all the hard work that you have put in to make these capstone projects your own,” he said. Assoc Prof Dr Ng Swee Chin, Vice President of TAR UC, took to the stage to give a short speech to the students saying she was indeed wowed by the set-up of the hall as well as the sophisticated and workable projects that the students had come up with to solve complex engineering problems. “This is a good platform for students to showcase their talent and technical expertise. But, if you would like to go further, there are opportunities for you to continue with a Master’s programme in Engineering, which will soon be offered by TAR UC, where you will do research to solve problems for the industry. And, if you have an idea that you wish to incubate and commercialise, we have the facilities and resources to help you do that,” she said.

Ir Dr Jayaseelan Nadarajah, a Professional Engineer registered with the Board of Engineers (‘BEM’), was invited to give a talk entitled ‘Engineer & Society’. His talk revolved around the importance of fundamentals in order to make it in the engineering world as well as some of the knowledge and skills that one should equip oneself with.