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TAR UC Records Win in Inaugural eSports Championship

TAR UC students who emerged as the Champion team. (From left to right) Mr Afizal Amid, the founder of ESDING, Lim Yew Siang, Hue Zheng Liang, Liew Kuan Chuen, Noel Tan Jhie Whei and Soh Wei Le.


5 TAR UC students took their passion for eSports to a whole new level when the students emerged as the Champion team of League of Legends in the inaugural 2018 Malaysia ESDING Elites Intervarsity Esports Championship which took place on 20 October 2018. The championship was organised by Esports Distinct International Network Gamers (ESDING) and had participants from 16 institutes of higher learning.

TAR UC’s Champion team consisted of Soh Wei Le (Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) in Internet Technology student), Noel Tan Jhie Whei (Diploma in Business Studies (Finance and Investment) student), Liew Kuan Chuen (Diploma in Business Studies (International Business) student), Lim Yew Siang (Diploma in Mass Communication (Public Relations) student) and Hue Zheng Liang (Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting) student). The team won for themselves a fully sponsored trip to Jeju, South Korea where they represented Malaysia for League of Legends in the 2018 International Esports Festival (IEF) International E-Culture Festival from 23 – 25 November 2018.

Team leader Soh Wei Le was ecstatic of his team’s win in the national level competition. “I am so grateful to be a member of TAR UC Interactive Gaming Society (IGS) because it is through IGS that we were able to participate in this competition in the first place. The opportunity to compete with students from other universities encouraged us to put in extra effort to practise and this was pretty challenging as we had to juggle between our studies, assignments and preparing for the competition. On the championship day, all of us were very motivated to give our best for the championship and we are so grateful that all our hard work paid off,” Wei Le recalled.

In addition to this championship, the other tournament which TAR UC IGS members took part in was the Taiwan Excellence Intercollege Battleground (TEIB) 2018 where 5 TAR UC students were part of the team that emerged second place among the 10 top teams in Malaysia for DOTA 2 and 3 TAR UC students were part of the team that won third place among the 10 top teams for League of Legends.


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