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TAR UC Students Turn Unique Reflections Into Published Stories

The published stories on the website where the articles from left to right are written by Jhanani, Felicia and Keona respectively.


As part of their programme assignment, students from the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (‘FSSH’) participated in the #keranacorona project organised by BFM radio station. For this project, students were asked to reflect on their #keranacorona MCO experiences and share how Covid-19 had affected their lives. The students recounted how this pandemic had brought about new experiences with their families and how it had changed the way they see the world around them.

As part of the #keranacorona project, FSSH students had a dialogue session with BFM Video Producer & Video Content Strategist, Ms Rahmah Pauzi to discuss in detail about the initiative. She encouraged them to send in responses, essays, reflections, and heartfelt messages for the website of this project. As a result, three TAR UC students namely Jhanani a/p Nagaraja, Keona Durga Jainudin and Felicia Natasha had their stories published on the #keranacoronoa website. 

The following are some extracts from each article which were featured on the website:

Knowing that the MCO is being extended due to the outbreak of coronavirus, I put on new locks on my door to stop imposters from invading my seclusion.  – Jhanani a/p Nagaraja, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) English with Education.

Once, I thought it would be great to have the world stop for a minute. Everything was happening too fast. - Felicia Natasha, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) English with Drama.

We are all on edge during this pandemic but she makes us feel better by being our unwavering (albeit often scary-strict) sunshine. She keeps us happy, well-fed, and sane. Thanks, Mummy – you really are the best of us! - Keona Durga Jainudin, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) English with Education.

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