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IEEE Confers Recognition to TAR UC Senior Lecturer

Dr Tew Yiqi, Senior Lecturer at TAR UC who has been inducted as a Senior Member of IEEE.


Anything that is worth having does not come without effort. This is clearly illustrated in the efforts of Ts Dr Tew Yiqi, a Senior Lecturer from the Faculty of Computing & Information Technology (‘FOCS’), who was recently promoted to the grade of Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (‘IEEE’). The Senior Member grade is the highest professional position in IEEE, which requires extensive experience, and reflects professional accomplishments and maturity. Only 10% of approximately 400,000 IEEE members have reached this level.

“It required 10 years of professional experience (inclusive of educational experience) and 5 years of significant performance. Significant performance includes my past writing achievements (paper publications in the International Scientific Indexing (‘ISI’) Tier 1 Journal),” said Dr Tew when asked about the criteria for selection.

Dr Tew’s vast work experience has helped him tremendously in his work at TAR UC. “I worked as a firmware developer in a smart home company where I gained experience in dealing with software and hardware integration for more than 5 years. At the same time, I pursued my postgraduate studies in computer science (particularly in image processing and video compression). These industry experience and academic knowledge allowed me to build my expertise in the Internet of Things and Digital Signal Processing areas. This led me to my involvement in various UC projects such as Smart Campus, Industry 4.0 and Agricultural 4.0 where I worked with industry experts, he said.

“While I was working in the industry, I came to know about the way to design and develop devices for controlling household appliances (i.e. using micro-controller programme coding to generate and monitor digital signal data via frequency modulation). This has helped me guide one of my postgraduate students who is involved in an Industry 4.0 project with Kian Joo Can Factory to channel digital sensor data from factory machines to the UC server,” he explained.

“In my study and research during my postgraduate studies, I explored and examined the structure of each image and video file type (i.e., binary / entropy representation) to investigate the image/video compression performance. This helped me to guide my undergraduate students to understand the basic structure of digital information to be stored in memory location (i.e. in BACS1113 Computer Organisation and Architecture, a major course taken by the Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)/ Information Technology (Hons) students,” he said.

“Teaching requires passion and the nature of the job requires you to have talent and expertise in your specialised area. It is about providing guidance to your students continuously and tirelessly,” he added.




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