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TAR UC Student Delivers Final year project of professional standard

Ong Wei (1st row, leftmost) during the final stage of competition. In attendance is Dr Lim Li Li (fourth row, leftmost) Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (‘FOET’) and Ts Ong Thai Kiat (fourth row, rightmost) Associate Dean, Department of Materials Engineering, FOET.


In the Ir. Tan Sri Yusoff Ibrahim Final Year Project (‘FYP’) Competition 2020, TAR UC student Ong Wei who is pursuing the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Material won the consolation prize for his final year project on Advanced Composite for Supercapacitor Application. The competition was jointly organised by the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (‘IEM’) and the Institution of Engineering Technology, Malaysia (‘IET’). The final stage of the competition was held on 24 November 2020 via the virtual platform Zoom where participants were required to present their final year project to a panel of judges. A total of 36 participants from 6 institutes of higher learning participated in the competition.

Ong Wei’s final year project aimed to improve the electrochemical performance by using composite material for the electrode of the super capacitor. “It was a challenging process in preparation for this competition due to the movement restriction but I was fortunate as final year students who required to use lab facilities were allowed to return to campus. Having access to the campus’ well-equipped lab facilities was important as I was able to gather important data through the tests and experiments I conducted in the lab. The data came in very handy in my preparation for my presentations for the competition. In addition, my lecturer was very supportive in terms of discussing and brainstorming with me on my experiments and motivating me to do my best,” he shared.

For consolation prize, Ong Wei won RM400 and a certificate of achievement. “Taking part in this competition is actually a confidence booster for me as my final year project was selected by the faculty for this competition. Then the process of preparing for this competition was a steep learning curve for me as I had to plan and conduct my own experiments and prepare the detailed report of my findings to be presented to the competition judges. I also had the chance to exercise my creativity in planning my presentation for the final stage of the competition. The experience was challenging but at the same time invigorating as the thought process of finding solutions and other alternatives to the challenges was fulfilling,” Ong Wei continued.


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