Research Centre

There will be one research centre at the Perak Branch Campus, named Research Centre for Educational Psychology and Instructional Strategies. Members of this research centre will carry out individual research, group research and collaborative research with researchers from other Department/Faculties, institution(s) and industry partners. Members can provide consultancy and testing services with the equipment available at the Perak Branch Campus based on approved guidelines and charges. The objectives of the Research Centre are to:

  • promote and encourage research, design, development and consultancy activities;
  • engage academic staff and/or students in research activities;
  • ensure a continuity of research;
  • engage students in experiential learning opportunities through research projects;
  • enable multidisciplinary collaboration;
  • facilitate joint projects with appropriate industries;
  • attract external research grant;
  • create opportunities for commercialisation of research outcomes;
  • create a platform of knowledge development and sharing.
Vision Statement

To become an active research centre for multidisciplinary research, specifically research in the Educational Psychology, Learning and Teaching. This centre aims to generate research that is leading edge that will attract research grants as well as creating opportunities for commercialisation of research outcomes.

Research Groups, Leaders and Members


This group is conducting research into student learning and strategies to teach. It aims to catalyse and support excellence in teaching and learning through innovative research-based instructional and learning strategies. It will also provide consultancy and workshops on innovative and creative teaching strategies.

Vision Statement

To become an outstanding and current centre for education psychology and instructional strategies by

  • Organising research activities that will promote the spirit of learning and knowledge generation specifically in education and innovation instructional techniques and strateies among members of the faculty and students.
  • Train undergraduate and postgraduate students by enriching their learning through research activities.

Leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Choy Siew Chee

Research Activities:

  • Development of parametric instruments that will provide relevant and current information to enhance the learning experience of students
  • Design studies that will generate information that will enhance the teaching and learning process for academic staff and students.

Funding Sources:

  • External grants from industry partners
  • Foreign and government grants
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Tel: (6)05-4660388, 4668012/3
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