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The Student Representative Council (SRC) is an elected student body with representatives from all Faculties. The SRC acts as a link between the UC management and students on students’ welfare, facilities, and services. The SRC develops student leaders through exposure to real-life experiences and equips them with leadership skills. It creates a more vibrant student life for students. It relays important messages from the UC administration to enhance students’ learning experience on campus.

The Functions of the SRC:
  • To foster a spirit of corporate life among the students of the UC;
  • To organize and supervise, subject to the direction of the President, student welfare facilities and activities in the UC;
  • To make representations to the President on all matters connected with the living and working conditions of the students of the UC;
  • To be represented on anybody which may, in accordance with the rules made by the Board of Governors for the purpose, be appointed to undertake student welfare activities in the UC; and
  • To undertake such other activities as may be determined by the Senior Management Committee of the UC from time to time.

Every student is automatically a member of the SRC. From clubs and societies, the student can be a volunteer in the local community. Student Representatives Council, especially, provides support, training, and information to help others to get the most out of any activity that is beneficial.





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