Programmes of Study

Currently, the intake for international student is only for TAR University Of Management And Technology (TAR UMT) Kuala Lumpur Main Campus and Penang Branch.

For programmes offered by Penang Branch, you may click here: Programme Offered by Penang Branch

TAR UMT Diploma graduates can proceed to the corresponding Bachelor Degree programmes on credit transfer.

The following are the programmes of study for Kuala Lumpur Main Campus:-

Faculty of Applied Sciences (FOAS)

(3 years)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Bioscience with Chemistry (R2/0511/6/0017A) (10/2028) (MQA/FA 3921)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Analytical Chemistry (R2/0531/6/0004A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3924)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Food Science (R2/0721/6/0019A) (10/2028) (MQA/FA 3923)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Nutrition (N/0915/6/0002) (10/29) (MQA/PA 15687)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sports and Exercise Science (R2/1014/6/0022A) (10/2028) (MQA/FA 3920)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Physics (Instrumentation) (R2/0533/6/0028A) (10/2028) (MQA/FA 3922)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sports Coaching and Performance Analysis (N/813/6/0053) (08/28) (MQA/PA 14637)


(2 years)

Diploma in Science (R2/421/4/0015) (08/2028) (AA 0106)

Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science (R2/813/4/0021) (08/2028) (AA 0116)

Diploma in Food Science (R2/0721/4/0001) (06/2029) (MQA/FA 1070)

Faculty of Computing and Information Technology (FOCS)

(3 years)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Management Mathematics with Computing (R2/0540/6/0004A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3925)

Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) (R2/0612/6/0375) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3930)

Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) in Interactive Software Technology (R2/0613/6/0374A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3929)

Bachelor of Information Systems (Honours) in Enterprise Information Systems (R2/0611/6/0376A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3931)

Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) in Software Systems Development (R2/482/6/0379A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3933)

Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) in Internet Technology (R2/0611/6/0377A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3932)

Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) in Information Security (R2/0611/6/0380A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3934)

Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) in Data Science (R/0613/6/0021) (02/2029) (MQA/FA 10784)

(2 years)

Diploma in Information Technology (R2/482/4/0196A) (08/2028) (AA 0111)

Diploma in Information Systems (R2/482/4/0195A) (08/2028) (AA0110)

Diploma in Computer Science (R2/481/4/0345A) (08/2028) (AA 0109)

Faculty of Accountancy, Finance & Business (FAFB)

Click here for more details about the Dual Award with Coventry University.


(3 years)

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) (R2/0415/6/0205A) (10/2028) (MQA/FA 3918)

Bachelor of Finance (Honours) (R/343/6/0250) (12/2027) (MQA/FA 9323)

Bachelor of Banking and Finance (Honours) (R2/0412/6/0340A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3892)

Bachelor of Finance and Investment (Honours) (R2/0412/6/0339A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3894)

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Entrepreneurship (R2/0414/6/0343A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3893)

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Human Resource Management (R2/0414/6/0426A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3895)

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business (R2/0414/6/0342A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3896)

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (R2/0414/6/0427A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3915)

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Marketing (R2/0415/6/0083A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3916)

Bachelor of Retail Management (Honours) (R2/0414/6/0026A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3917)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (R2/0414/6/0341A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3889)

Bachelor of Corporate Administration (Honours) (R2/0414/6/0428A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3890)

Bachelor of Economics (Honours) (R2/0311/6/0016A) (10/2028) (MQA/FA 3891)

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Business Analytics (R/340/6/0819) (04/2026) (MQA/PA 14206)


(4 years)

Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) (R/344/6/0190) (10/2025) (MQA/FA 3888)


(2 years)

Diploma in Accounting (R2/344/4/0286) (08/2028) (MQA/FA 10789)

Diploma in Business Administration (R2/340/4/0287) (08/2028) (MQA/FA 10791)

Diploma in Marketing (R2/342/4/0162) (08/2028) (AA 0069)

Diploma in Banking and Finance (R2/343/4/0255) (08/2028) (AA 0063)

Diploma in Finance and Investment (R2/343/4/0279A) (08/2028) (AA 0066)

Diploma in Business Economics (R2/340/4/0293) (08/2028) (AA 0064)

Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (R2/345/4/1161) (08/2028) (AA 0070)

Diploma in Retail Management (R2/341/4/0081) (08/2028) (AA 0253)

Diploma in Human Resource Management (R2/345/4/1100A) (08/2028) (AA 0067)

Diploma in International Business (R/340/4/0294) (08/2028) (AA 0068)

Diploma in E-Marketing (R2/342/4/0161A) (08/2028) (AA0065)


Faculty of Built Environment (FOBE)

(4 years)

Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Honours) (R/526/6/0054) (10/2025) (MQA/FA 3881)


(3.5 years)

Bachelor of Real Estate Management (Honours) (R/341/6/0029) (12/2025) (MQA/FA 3919)

Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours) (R/214/6/0194) (08/27) (MQA/PA 7666)


(3 years)

Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics (Honours) (R3/0733/6/0123A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3927)

Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Honours) (R/581/6/0043) (02/2024) (MQA/FA 3926)


(2 Years 6 Months)

Diploma in Quantity Surveying (R2/526/4/0038A) (08/2028) (MQA/FA 0661)

(2 years 4 months)

Diploma in Real Estate Management (R/341/4/0025) (08/2028) (AA 0050)


(2 years)

Diploma in Building (R2/582/4/0036) (08/2028) (AA 0043)


Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FOET)

(4 years)

Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering with Honours (R/523/6/0159) (10/2025) (MQA/FA 3885)

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Honours (R/523/6/0158) (10/2025) (MQA/FA 3882)

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours (R/521/6/0063) (10/2025) (MQA/FA 3884)

(2 years 6 months)

Diploma of Electronic Engineering (R2/523/4/0138) (08/2028) (AA 0044)

Diploma of Mechanical Engineering (R2/521/4/0061) (08/2028) (AA 0045)

Diploma of Mechatronic Engineering (R2/0788/4/0139A) (08/2028) (AA0047)

(2 years 4 months)

Diploma in Product Development Technology (N/521/4/0185)(04/26)(MQA/PA 13347)


Faculty of Communication and Creative Industries (FCCI)


(3 years)

Bachelor of Communication (Honours) in Advertising (R2/0323/6/0097A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3878)

Bachelor of Communication (Honours) in Broadcasting (R2/0323/6/0096A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3939)

Bachelor of Communication (Honours) in Journalism (R2/0321/6/0094A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA3937)

Bachelor of Communication (Honours) in Media Studies (R2/0323/6/0095A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA3938)

Bachelor of Public Relations (Honours) (R2/0323/6/0101A) (10/2028) (MQA/FA 3940)

Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Graphic Design* (R2/0211/6/0146A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3936)

Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Fashion Design* (R2/0212/6/0096A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA3879)

Bachelor of Creative Multimedia (Honours) (R2/0211/6/0147A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3880)

(2 years 4 months)

Diploma in Multimedia Design* (R2/0211/4/0138A) (08/2028) (AA 0090)

(2 years)

Diploma in Advertising (R2/342/4/0072) (08/2028) (AA 0082)

Diploma in Broadcast Communication (R2/321/4/0087) (08/2028) (AA 0083)

Diploma in Journalism (R2/321/4/0088) (08/2028) (AA 0081)

Diploma in Media Studies (R2/0323/4/0089A) (08/2028) (AA 0085)

Diploma in Public Relations (R2/0323/4/0073A) (08/2028) (MQA/FA 10790)

Diploma in Fashion Design* (R2/214/4/0089) (08/2028) (AA 0089)

Diploma in Graphic Design* (R2/213/4/0139) (08/2028) (AA 0084)

Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (FSSH)

(3 years)

Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Honours) (R2/1013/6/0177A) (10/2028) (MQA/FA 3898)

Bachelor of Tourism Management (Honours) (R2/1015/6/0059A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3897)

Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Psychology (R2/0313/6/0036A) (10/2028) (MQA/FA 3935)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English with Drama (R/224/6/0074) (03/2027) (MQA/FA 7196)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English with Education (N/224/6/0098) (01/2024) (MQA/FA 9585)

Bachelor of Arts in English Studies (Honours) (N/224/6/0105) (12/25) (PA 13795)

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Honours) (N/143/6/0160) (07/2027) (MQA/PA 13691)


(2 years)

Diploma in Counselling (R2/762/4/0010) (08/2028) (AA 0088)

Diploma in Hotel Management (R2/811/4/0149A) (08/2028) (AA 0086)

Diploma in Tourism Management (R2/811/4/0150A) (08/2028) (AA 0087)

Diploma in Early Childhood Education (N/0112/4/0015) (06/2028) (PA 16481)


Centre for Pre-University Studies (CPUS)

(1 year)

Foundation in Arts* (R2/0011/3/0184A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3899)

Foundation in Science* (R2/0011/3/0185A) (09/2028) (MQA/FA 3887)

Foundation in Business (R/340/3/0780) (05/2028) (MQA/FA 9313)

Foundation in Computing (N/010/3/0515) (04/24) (MQA/PA 9215)

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* Note: Applicants applying into Graphic Design / Fashion Design / Multimedia Design must submit a portfolio as specified for consideration into the programme.


Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction for all programmes is in English Language. Students are therefore required to attain a certain level of competency in the English Language prior to joining any of the programmes.


International Student Brochure

Click here to view our International Student Brochure 2023.



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