My name is Jonathan and I am 21 years old. I am a second year Bachelor of Psychological Science student at the University of South Australia (UniSA). I've been living in Adelaide for 8 months now and it has been an amazing journey so far, full of wonderful and eye opening experiences. All these would not be possible without the support of my parents as well as the Study Abroad Unit (SAU) at TARUC. Right from the start, The SAU laid down all my options and explained the pros and cons of each one of them. They were friendly and patient, even when my questions seem stupid. Besides that, they also greatly helped me with the process of studying abroad, providing me with sufficient information and organizing the necessary documents. Their involvement did not just stop there, even 5717km (I googled it) apart, they constantly checked up on us, making sure we were coping well, in our health and our studies. For all these, I am very grateful to have their constant support and guidance. Studying Psychological Science at UniSA has been a whole new wonderful experience. I am currently based at the Magill campus and it is a beautiful one. Greenery everywhere, a river flowing through right at the heart of the campus, sufficient and well-kept facilities, what more could you ask for. The subjects I have done so far has also been interesting and provided me with plenty of knowledge that I could use in the future as a psychologist or even in life. One of the most interesting subjects I have done so far was Biological and Learning Psychology. We had field trips to the zoo and studied the similarity between humans and apes. It would be hard to explain why it is relevant to psychology, you would have to learn and experience it first-hand. The lecturers here has also been friendly and helpful, the classes very engaging and interactive. You would be surprised on how much more you could learn from effective group discussions, sometimes even more than what the lecturer is teaching in the front. One advice I would give to my juniors is to always keep an open mind. Getting exposed to a whole new culture can be terrifying at times, but if you are willing to experience and understand the new culture, you'll enjoy and learn so much more from studying abroad and even travelling.


Hi, my name is Tan Yi Siang and I am Ex- TAR college student. After I completed my Advanced Diploma (AFA), I continue my further study in SHU & BCU in UK. After I finished my Master Degree in BCU, I am now continuing my Doctorate in Business Administration in Malaysia. I have to say thanks a lot to SBS & SAU giving me a good opportunity to further study and explore more in England. Wow, you never know that the first feeling when I got accepted by the University in UK! It was so excited and wonderful. I use almost one month to prepare my stuff carefully on what I should bring to UK.
The experience in UK was so different and the way of teaching in the University was also different. We have to be independent and accept the challenge so that we improve ourselves and grow. I have to concentrate and focus in the class and try to get used to their way of teaching. In England; I spend most of my free time in the library to do research and homework. The library provides everything a student needs with great facilities.
Apart from that, the University society also provided some affordable trips which opened for International students to join and allowed them to explore other parts of UK. I took this opportunity to explore a lot of places in the UK, a really cool experience for me. If you have a chance to continue your further study in a foreign country, please go ahead. It will open up your eyes and provide you with a lot of great opportunities to explore another country; meet new people and improve yourself.
SAU put a lot of effort to help me with my application process to the UK University and when I encountered problem with my VISA. SAU staffs (Ms Angeline) helped me to follow up every day and this makes me really touch and appreciate her assistance. I might not be able to further study to England without SAU assistance. Many Thanks.
During my study in England, I met some nice English families and they invited me to stay with them almost every weekend. It was an amazing experience as this gave me good opportunity to interact with local people and learn their culture. I tried their traditional food and spent a great time sharing my Malaysian experience with them.
To my juniors at TAR UMT, please be clear what do you want to do in the future. If you have a chance to further your study in foreign country, just go for it. You will definitely gain something from there. Just walk to Study Abroad Unit and the counsellor will always be there to guide you and give you the best advice. Do not miss the good opportunity for you to improve and learn more!


It was exactly one year ago when I first approached SAU, an awesome team in TARUC who was enthusiastic in giving their professional advice, information and counselling on higher education opportunities with overseas university. At that time, I was a final year advanced diploma student who will officially enter the society very soon. I was just like anyone else who come to a junction, where we started to consider and worry about our future. Whether I should go straight, turn left or right? This was the biggest problem I encountered that moment and every path I took will have a great impact to my future.
Something which happened and gone beyond my expectation was I come across a vivacious team in TARUC who had guided me throughout my decision-making process. It would not be exaggerated if I were to say that SAU is just like a torch who had guided me in my journey. The counselling topic which was supposed to be CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) had diverted into MBA(Master of Business Administration). As an engineering student who was not keen in my study, I shared my thoughts and ideas with open-minded. The best outcome after the counselling session was not only solution, but I also got to share my problems which had been kept deep in my heart since long time ago. Believe it or not, I started to have a clearer picture of my next move. I knew I should turn right instead of going straight. But still, I hesitated as things come too sudden. I knew I need to have a more comprehensive consideration of my move as I understood that I had to take full responsibility on every decision I made. I was so grateful to have SAU especially Ms Lim who had never been grumbling whenever I seek for her consultation. She assisted me in analyzing my situation and gave me her invaluable opinion based on her past experience and professional point of view. And that was also the moment when a counsellor was no longer only a counsellor to me. Perhaps, we are buddies. I am so thankful to have her guidance and advice. From the bottom of my heart, I would also express my deepest gratitude to Ms Angeline and Ms Christine who has been helpful throughout my application process. Without their assistance, everything would not go smoothly. Thus, it is undeniable that SAU is such an efficient team which I appreciate so much.
Guest what? In the blink of eye I am now on the right path when I am writing this statement. I have chosen to take the road less taken. I told myself that I will never regret and never look back. I will only keep fighting until I achieved glory. Not only because I wish to strive for satisfaction in life, but it is also challenge for me which I think every youngster should take. I am uncertain how far the path can bring me, or even can it lead to the success which I am looking for? But one thing I believe in is that if I do not try, I will regret for the rest of my life. Whether or not I will regret of the decision I made previously, I am very sure that I will only regret if I do not take the very first step of approaching SAU, the most Sincere, Amazing and Ultimate team in TARUC


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