TAR UMT has 6 campuses; Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Perak, Johor, Pahang and Sabah.

For details on fees, please click here

You are required to upload your MyKad (front and back), SPM/O Level/STPM/A Level/UEC/equivalent results and other relevant documents (where applicable)

The documents you have to upload will be stated in the online application.

All documents uploaded must be clear and scanned/snapped from the original documents and in colour.

The additional documents to be uploaded include Certificate Award/completion letter/letter on your current student status, official transcripts/semester examination results, programme structure, syllabi/course outline.

The documents you have to upload will be stated in the online application.

All documents uploaded must be clear and scanned/snapped from the original documents and in colour.

For Architecture/Interior Architecture programmes, shortlisted candidates will be informed via e-mail on the portfolio interview.

Applicants are to submit a portfolio test which is specified in the online application.

Yes, the processing fee for online application is RM60.

Application is on a first-come, first-served basis.

You are advised to apply early before the commencement date of the Intake.

Applicants will be informed via e-mail to upload the relevant documents which are not clear before their applications can be processed.

You are to log on to http://bit.ly/TARUMTapp to check on your application status.
The University will also send you an email.
Successful applicants will also be informed via SMS.

You may view the video on "How to check application status"  

The minimum entry requirements for the Foundation and Diploma programmes can be taken from more than one SPM/O Level examination results.

To join DPR, it is compulsory to have a credit in English Language as stated in the minimum entry requirements.

The AELE0364 English Language course cannot be taken in lieu of a credit for SPM/O Level/UEC English Language.

Applicants with UEC keen in joining any of the following Bachelor Degree programmes must meet the MUET/IELTS entry requirement as follows:-

  • Accounting/Commerce - minimum Band 2/Band Score 3.0
  • Nutrition - minimum Band 3/Band Score 4.0
  • English with Drama/English with Education/English Studies - minimum Band 4/Band Score 6.0

Yes, you can do the Cambridge Linguaskill and obtain the following minimum score to meet the entry requirements:-

  • Accounting/Commerce - minimum score of 127
  • Nutrition - minimum score of 140
  • English with Drama/English with Education/English Studies - minimum score of 169


More information on Cambridge Linguaskill can be obtained at https://www.tarc.edu.my/cpe/a/linguaskill/ or by emailing to cpe@tarc.edu.my

Yes, even though your previous programme was conducted in English, the MUET/IELTS entry requirement is compulsory for the following Bachelor Degree programmes:-

  • English with Drama
  • English with Education
  • English Studies

If you do not have MUET/IELTS, you may do the Cambridge Linguaskill and obtain minimum score of 169 to meet the entry requirement for the above Bachelor Degree programmes.

Malaysian applicants with academic qualifications from institutions using English as the full medium of instruction are exempted from the MUET entry requirement for the University Bachelor Degree programmes in Accounting/Commerce/Nutrition.

Your results must first meet the minimum entry requirements of the programme in order to be considered for admission.  

However, for certain programmes, besides meeting the minimum entry requirements, applicants must also have good results (including passing the portfolio test/interview, where applicable)

Offer of admission is based on academic merit, order of choice of programme and availability of vacancies in the programme.

Yes, our programmes are accredited by MQA.
More information can be found at  https://www.tarc.edu.my/mqa/index.jsp

Applicants with relevant working experience and with MQA APEL for Access (APEL.A) Certificate may be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis.

For application for APEL, please refer to MQA website at https://www2.mqa.gov.my/APEL/

Selection for admission is at the sole discretion of the University.

The Merit Scholarship is awarded to outstanding Malaysian students in the form of tuition fee

waiver of up to 100%. Reference can be made at https://www.tarc.edu.my/admissions/a/merit-scholarship/


Candidates who meet the scholarship criteria will be automatically offered the Merit Scholarship (Terms & Conditions Apply) at the point of admission.

You must be a registered student to apply for hostel accommodation. Please click here for more information. For enquiries on hostel, you may also email the Department of Student Affairs at dsa@tarc.edu.my.

You need not pay fees if you do not want to accept the offer.

The offer of admission will automatically lapse after the payment due date.

You are to appeal for late registration and a late registration fee of RM 50 will be charged. For KL Campus, please email to admission@tarc.edu.my

If you have been offered to the Branch, please email the branch. For the email addresses, please go to  https://www.tarc.edu.my/contact-us/

Approval is at the discretion of the university and subject to availability of vacancies and as long as application for the Intake is still open.

Those whose SPM actual results meet the entry requirements would have their Conditional Offer converted to Full Offer of Admission. After you have uploaded your SPM actual results, the University will notify you on your Offer of Admission via email.

You will also receive an SMS. Upon being notified by the University, you can view/print your Offer of Admission by logging on to http://bit.ly/TARUMTapp. Acceptance of the Offer of Admission is subject to you paying the Registration Fee as stated in the ‘Student Bill’.

If your results meet the entry requirements of another programme, the University will offer you an offer of admission to an alternative programme. After you have uploaded your SPM results, the University will notify you on your Offer of Admission (to the alternative programme) via email.

You will also receive an SMS. Upon being notified by the University, you can view/print your Offer of Admission by logging on to http://bit.ly/TARUMTapp. Acceptance of the Offer of Admission is subject to you paying the Registration Fee as stated in the ‘Student Bill’ 

Please log on to http://bit.ly/TARUMTapp 2-3 working days after payment of fees for information on your Student Registration Number, Email Login, Intranet Login and ELearning Login.

Please log on to the Student Intranet at https://web.tarc.edu.my/portal/login.jsp to check on the Orientation Schedule and your timetable  just before the commencement of programmes

As you have paid fees and is a registered student, you may apply for programme transfer if you are keen on another programme.

The programme transfer application deadline is generally latest by Friday of Week 2 (long semester) / Week 1 (short semester) after the commencement of programme/lectures.

For programme transfer to another Faculty/Centre/Branch, students are to apply via

Student Intranet.

For programme transfer within the same Faculty/Centre/Branch, the prescribed form is obtainable at https://www.tarc.edu.my/admissions/new-student/general-information/ or by emailing to your Faculty/Centre/Branch.

For the email addresses, please go to https://www.tarc.edu.my/contact-us/

You must complete your programme before you can be considered for admission to  another programme. If you do not wish to complete your programme, you may consider withdrawing from your current programme before enrolling for another programme.

If you are found to be enrolled in a programme and registered for another programme, you will have your student status terminated in one of the programmes.

Kindly refer to the following :



Ext. no., mobile no. and E-mail address

(Tel No. 03-4145 0100)

Department of Admissions & Credit Evaluation

Information on registration

Merit Scholarship


Transfer of programme into another 


Certification & Verification of Results



 011-1078 5997






Department of Examinations & Credit Accumulation

Resit/Repeat Papers

Academic Transcript/Certificate Award

Exam timetable/slip

MUET Exam (for TAR UMT students)



 011-1078 2561




Department of Finance

Payment of fees

‘Payment Details’ advice



 011-1075 8581


Communication & Information Technology Centre

Student Intranet (Login password)

Student TAR UMT e-mail



Department of Student Affairs

Financial aid


 011-1087 5854




 011-1076 8599



Public/University bus transport


Co-curricular Activities/ Registration


Student Societies



 011-1087 5854


Department of Security

Car Vehicle Pass (Sticker)



Faculties & Centre


































Programme timetable

Class/tutorial grouping

Leave of absence

Transfer of programme within the same        Faculty/Centre

Academic related matters

   - Reinstatement/Deferment

   - Progression from Diploma to Degree

   - Horizontal Credit transfer

   - Dual Award Matters (if applicable)



























Faculty of Applied Sciences


 011-1075 8544


Faculty of Computing & Information Technology


 011-1075 8554


Faculty of Accountancy, Finance & Business


 011-1054 8256/011-10597109


Faculty of Engineering & Technology 


 011-1082 5613


Faculty of Built Environment


 011-1075 8535


Faculty of Social Science & Humanities


 011-1078 5990/011-10597135


Faculty of Communication & Creative Industries 


 011-1067 8256



Centre for Pre-University Studies


 011-1075 8537


Centre for Continuing & Professional Education

Cambridge Linguaskill, MUET, IELTS,

AELE0364 English Language,

AMMS0104 General Mathematics,  

AMMS0204 Mathematics

FPGS0104 General Science 


3510 Mr James

 011-1075 8530





Study abroad

3176 Wei Sin / 3571 Yi Ming

 011-1075 8530