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Celebrating with Gratitude

The ongoing noble mission by Bodhi Meditation Charity Foundation (BMCF) to provide financial aid for needy TAR UMT students which commenced seven years ago has resulted in 179 TARCians being able to pursue their education free of financial stress. “While TAR UMT fees are very affordable, many students coming from low income families struggle to meet the financial burden of fees and living expenses. This often forces them to work part-time, resulting in them having less time and energy to fully concentrate in their campus life. The TAR UMT Jinbodhi Bursary significantly alleviates this burden, allowing student recipients to focus on their studies and achieve their full potential,” Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei said in his speech at the ‘Partners in Progress with A Grateful Heart’ ceremony held on 16 December 2023 at TAR UMT Kuala Lumpur Campus.  

He was addressing the attendees at the ceremony comprising key leaders and committee members of BMCF as well as senior officials and staff of TAR UMT. “In the seven years since its inception, BMCF has generously contributed nearly RM4.05 million to help underprivileged TAR UMT students. The theme of this ceremony, ‘Partners in Progress with a Grateful Heart’ beautifully captures the essence of our collaboration with BMCF. It reminds us that working together, with a heart full of gratitude for the journey and people who share it with us, allows us to achieve more meaningful and impactful results,” Prof Ir Dr Lee continued.

The mock cheque of RM 1million donated by BMCF to TAR UMT. Prof Ir Dr Lee (seventh from left) Teacher Ling Shan (seventh from right), Jhanani (eighth from right) and Jing Wen (eights from left) together with senior officials and staff of TAR UMT and committee members of BMCF.


The ceremony also witnessed BMCF presenting a mock cheque of RM 1million to TAR UMT for the purpose of helping many more students to study at TAR UMT without financial constraint. In addition, Prof Lee presented a special plaque to BMCF as a gesture of the University’s deep appreciation to BMCF for their strong and continuous support towards the well-being of TAR UMT students.

“This honorary plaque not only expresses gratitude to Master Jinbodhi but also extends gratitude to everyone who has generously donated to the Bodhi Charity Foundation. This honour belongs to everyone present, to every guest. We are grateful to have you all join hands with us, working diligently under the compassionate guidance of the Master to fulfil the mission of realising children's dreams,” said Teacher Ling Shan, Chairman of BMCF.


Prof Ir Dr Lee (second from right), shaking hands with Teacher Ling Shan (second from left), as Teacher Fu Han (leftmost), Trustee of BMCF and Assoc Prof Dr Chook Ka Joo (rightmost), Vice President of TAR UMT look on.


The ceremony was made more meaningful with the sharing by two past recipients of the TAR UMT-Jinbodhi Bursary. “I received the bursary in 2019 and went on to complete my degree. Currently, I am a full-time teacher at Hin Hua High School and I am also pursuing my Masters. This would not have been possible without the financial aid from BMCF. I also want to state that as a recipient, I have learnt the importance of giving back whenever possible as in the act of giving, we actually reap far more than what we expected. I do not have much money to give out but I do have my education to share with others and that is how I give back to society. And each expression of gratitude I receive is priceless,” explained Jhanani, who graduated with the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) English with Education.

Moh Jing Wen is another recipient of the TAR UMT-Jinbodhi Bursary, currently pursuing her Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) in Software Systems Development and she shared: “Coming from a single parent background is very challenging, especially financially and the stress had affected my health as well. This is why I truly appreciate the financial help I received. I was not only able to get back my health, but studying in TAR UMT allowed me to nurture my passion for recycling even more through the Green Society on campus. I am making my dreams come true now, all thanks to the important help I received from BMCF. Thank you very much.”

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