Highlights/ Achievements

TAR UMT Choir Praised at World Choir Games

A group photo of the choir group members at Gangneung, Korea, after their performance.


From left to right (on stage): Ms Susanna Saw (external trainer and one of the judges in the World Choir Games for other categories), Ms Ang Yaw Feng, the choir master and Assoc Prof Dr Chook Ka Joo, Vice President of TAR UMT.


TAR UMT Choir’s outstanding achievement sealed in ink.


The voices of TAR UMT Choir resonated with splendour at the 12th World Choir Games held in Korea from 9 - 14 July 2023. The choir of 18 students and 8 alumni rocked the stage of the international competition dubbed as the ‘Olympics of Choral Music’ and went on to win the prestigious Silver Award in the “University and College Choirs” category.

Under the motto “Singing together brings nations together,” this round’s World Choir Games attracted 324 groups from 46 countries vying for glory in 28 different categories. TAR UMT Choir captured the hearts of the international audience with four enchanting songs: “Amor Vittorioso”, “Hela Rotan”, “In Paradisum”, and “Malay Melodies”.

Despite narrowly missing the Gold Award, TAR UMT Choir’s exceptional performance drew heartfelt applause from spectators worldwide. The esteemed judging panel, comprising five experts from different corners of the globe, was profoundly moved by the choir’s passion and artistry.

Notably, TAR UMT Choir took full advantage of this grand choral festival, participating in friendship concerts, workshops and engaging with diverse choirs from various countries. Their experiences throughout the event will undoubtedly propel them towards greater heights in future competitions.

“This achievement marks a momentous milestone for our Choir,” said Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei, President of TAR UMT. “Their unwavering dedication and exceptional talent have brought immense pride to our institution and nation.”

Members of the Choir are appreciative of all the support and motivation shown to them by the TARCian community, supporters and fans who cheered them on from every corner of the globe. The overwhelming encouragement and camaraderie from audiences of different nationalities have left an indelible mark on the choir’s journey.

Moving forward, TAR UMT Choir is determined to build on this valuable experience and continue their pursuit of excellence, enriching the world with their harmonious melodies and bridging cultures through the power of music.


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