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Loving the TARCian Experience

The conducive campus environment and ample facilities on campus made a huge impression on Oana during her TAR UMT summer programme.


“An ideal place to study.”

These are the exact words of Oana Gabriela Chistol, an international exchange student from the United Kingdom who spent a whole month at TAR UMT as part of TAR UMT’s Summer Programme.

Currently a Sports and Exercise Theraphy BSc (Hons) student at Coventry University, Oana was thrilled to enroll in the student exchange programme ran by TAR UMT in collaboration with Coventry University.

As someone who wanted to experience cultures from around the globe, especially from Asian countries like China, Japan, and Malaysia, this programme seems to tick all the right boxes for Oana.

“When I saw this programme, I knew I cannot miss this opportunity to come to Malaysia. I was so happy and excited when my application was accepted!”

During the time at TAR UMT, Oana and her fellow exchange students were treated to various interactive educational activities on campus, Bahasa Malaysia language class, cooking workshop, cultural workshop, and calligraphy class, just to name a few.

Oana (front row, left) during the calligraphy class organised for the programme.


“The campus environment is awesome! The moment we passed the gates, it felt like we entered a place that is dedicated to bring out the best in its students. It has everything a student needs like multiple cafeterias with a huge variety of offerings, cool cafes, a big library, ample sports facilities, and a lot of natural greenery to create a unique experience.

“The lecturers conducting the workshops are so fun to interact with and some of the students we met on campus were very welcoming and gave us a lot of ideas on what to do in Kuala Lumpur,” said Oana.

TAR UMT’s summer programme does not limit activities within the campus. The exchange students were also involved in outdoor activities and tours all around Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Malacca, and Pahang, as well as a tour of TAR UMT Pahang Branch.

“I love it here; the whole journey was just amazing! I love the weather, food and the people. It was such a great experience, I don’t feel like going back! I will definitely return to Malaysia if another opportunity comes my way. I might even consider furthering my studies here!” said Oana.

Oana and her friends getting a glimpse of the iconic Batu Caves during the KL tour.

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