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TAR UC Doctorate Programmes Reach Vietnamese Shores

Presidents from both institutions, Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei of TAR UC (left photo, seated) and Prof Dr Phan Thi Thanh Thao of TDU (right photo, centre) holding up the signed agreement, accompanied by officials from their respective institutions.


TAR UC and Thanh Do University (‘TDU’), Vietnam signed an agreement virtually on 28 June 2022 to embark on joint marketing initiative for TAR UC PhD programmes in collaboration with TDU.

In a nutshell, this agreement enables TAR UC and TDU to work together in offering TAR UC PhD programmes to students in Vietnam. This will enable many more qualified PhD candidates in Vietnam to experience TAR UC’s unique “Beyond Education” learning experience. Following from the agreement, TAR UC shall appoint a suitably qualified academic staff from TAR UC as the lead supervisor for every student enrolled in the TAR UC PhD programme. TAR UC will also be responsible for appointing suitably qualified academic staff from TDU as co-supervisor(s). These co-supervisors from TDU would be appointed as adjunct faculty members of TAR UC. The appointed supervisors from TAR UC and TDU are responsible for co-supervising the students till the completion of their PhD programme.

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