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FREE TALK: The Key to Survival - EQ, IQ and LQ (28 May 2018)

Dear all staff and students of TAR UC,


FREE TALK: The Key to Survival – EQ, IQ and LQ (28 May 2018)


Education has been an important key foundation to a country. It is a very sacred and holy work, not only does it produce talents for the nation, it is a platform to promote positive culture and build strong moral values in the society. Education is also the primary driver to promote enhancement and progress to a nation. The recent technological advancement we experience has caused an over-dependence of men on electrical and electronic gadgets. People have become gradually distant and cold from each other.


We observe an overall lack of human touch and human care in the society. Relationship problems are happening everywhere including at the commercial and educational organisations, among managers and staff, among teachers with students, etc. Such challenges are never seen before. In order to find out what is the key to survival, TAR University College will be organising a 2-hour FREE Talk on how can we enhance our EQ (Emotional Quotient), IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and LQ (Love Quotient) by Master Sun, a renowned Spiritual Mentor for the Global Super Secret Life Code System


Hurry! Do not miss this chance as it might change your life! Places are limited! To register for a place, please call CPE Centre at 03-41450123 (ext: 3517, Ms Tarring)


Note: The talk will be conducted in Mandarin