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Muay Thai for Self Defense and Fitness

Muay Thai for Self Defense and Fitness

Muay Thai is an ancient art of self-defense from Thailand. It has now developed into a competitive sports, skills for self-defense and fitness purposes. It is also called the art of eight (8) limbs where it employs parts of human body as natural weapons such as fists, knees, elbows and feet. This art has gained massive   popularity across the globe as it is not just effective for self-defense but also help one to get in good shape and improve the fitness level greatly


Date & Day: 19 Dec 2017 — 18 Jan 2018 (Every Tuesday & Thursday)

Time: 7.00pm — 8.30pm

Duration: 15 Hours (1.5 hours x 10 sessions, 2 sessions per week)

Venue: Gym Room 1 (punching bag area), Clubhouse


Fees: RM 180 / pax (Staff / Student / Alumni) (Above fees inclusive of 6% GST)

         RM 200 / pax (Public) (Above fees inclusive of 6% GST)


Information and Registration

Please call: 03-4145 0123 (Ms Lee ext. 3516 / Mr James ext. 3510)