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The TARCian with an Iron Will

He might look like one of the many TAR UMT students on campus, but Lim Chee Yong is a bona fide “superhero”.

“I am Ironman,” quipped the Malaysian who hails from Langkawi, Kedah.

Unlike the titular character in the comics or on the silver screen, Chee Yong, a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Sports and Exercise Science student, is built different. Instead of wearing a suit made from iron, Chee Yong prefers polyester and spandex, designed for competing in Ironman, a gruelling endurance race consisting of three disciplines back-to-back – swim, bike, and run.

Dressed in his triathlon suit, Chee Yong is ready to represent TAR UMT and Malaysia at the Ironman World Championship 2023.


The real question is: Why Ironman?

“It was thanks to my uncle, an Ironman finisher, who encouraged me to try participating in what would be my first Ironman competition in 2016. I am a very active individual, so I wanted to see how far I can go in this endurance sport and I have never looked back since,” said Chee Yong.

Between his studies at TAR UMT, training, and his part-time job as a coach, Chee Yong has to plan his time carefully to stay on top of things – similar to how he had to be proficient in all three disciplines to excel in the Ironman competition.

“Thanks to my experience in Ironman, I have a motto to always be consistent in everything that I do. When I enrolled at TAR UMT, I was determined to achieve my goals of furthering my studies and actively competing in Ironman. After setting the plan, it is a matter of multi-tasking effectively and staying resolute with my goals in mind so I can stay on track.”

According to Chee Yong, the academic syllabus and comprehensive facilities in TAR UMT played a huge part in his improvement and progress as a triathlete.

“With the facilities such as the Olympic-sized swimming pool and multiple gyms with modern equipment on campus, I can save time travelling to find other suitable training facilities. On top of that, the knowledge I learned from my studies helped me track, analyse, and tweak my own training regime. Compared to before I joined TAR UMT, I was able to maximise my training efficiency, reduce injuries and promote recovery,” said Chee Yong.

It was this improvement that helped Chee Yong excel in Ironman Malaysia 2022 last November and qualify for the prestigious Ironman World Championship 2023 in France, to be held in September. This is the second time he will participate in the Ironman World Championship since the 2018 edition.

So, what is the “endgame” for this TARCian?

“I am still on track to become a triathlon coach. With the knowledge I obtain from TAR UMT and my own experience as an Ironman, I am confident I can use it and nurture more triathletes in the future,” he added.


Chee Yong gives a thumbs up to the academic syllabus and sports facilites at TAR UMT which helped him take his performance to the next level.

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