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Celebrating Team TAR UMT

Appreciating staff’s contribution and dedication has been a yearly affair for this institution, but the 2023 edition of  TAR UMT’s Long Service, Outstanding Academic and Service Excellence Awards Presentation Ceremony is a momentous one, given its the first presentation ceremony for this institution as a full-fledged University. Held on 2 August 2023 at its Kuala Lumpur Campus, the ceremony was graced by Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Chairman of the Board of Governors of TAR UMT where Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei, President of TAR UMT was also present. 

The Long Service Award is presented to staff who worked in TAR UMT for 30 years, 20 years and 10 years. For Kuala Lumpur Campus this year, eight staff received awards for their 30 years of service, 44 staff for 20 years of service and 41 staff for 10 years of service. Meanwhile, 16 staff from branches received their 20 years of service award while 11 other staff obtained their 10-year service award.

The TAR UMT team of Long Service, Outstanding Academic and Service Excellence awards recipients with the senior management of TAR UMT. 


Mabel Moses who is the Operator at KL Campus is a Long Service Award recipient for her 30 years of employment at TAR UMT. She joined the then TAR College in 1992 as a library checker. “I am a meticulous person, so my job as a library checker suited me very well and I enjoyed doing it. I later joined the Department of Strategic Planning, which is now known as the Department of Corporate Communication and Marketing. I did many types of administration work related to convocation, alumni relations and media monitoring. 

“The learning journey continues on with my current role as Operator. I do my work with great pride because although the work sometimes could be mundane, I have learned many new things along the way. I feel blessed because this is my first employment and I have stayed on for 30 years. For me, these 30 years are precious because I have gained knowledge, experiences and valuable friendships with my colleagues,” she shared. 

Meanwhile, the Outstanding Academic Award is presented to academicians who are creative and innovative in their teaching and learning activities. For the year 2022, five academicians received this award and Ts Ng Teck Wei from the Faculty of Built Environment (FOBE) is one of the recipients. “I am committed to my aim to adopt strategies for creating a more engaging and effective learning environment for my students. With technology, there are many ways of doing this such as using interactive online platforms like Kahoot, Blooket, Google Jamboard, Book Widgets and Slido. I also incorporate games like Treasure Hunt and Taboo in my tutorial sessions where I turned learning into friendly competitions. In addition, for software-related courses like Building Information Modelling, I use Virtual Reality (VR) to walk through buildings designed by the students. This is an effective tool to help students understand complex concepts and find practical improvements,” he explained. 

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Liow (front row eight from right) and Prof Ir Dr Lee (front row seventh from left) in a group photo with the recipients of the Outstanding Academic and Service Excellence Awards on stage.


The ceremony also saw eight staff receiving the Service Excellence Award for 2021 and nine staff for 2022. The Service Excellence Award is presented to staff who were nominated by other departments for their helpful and excellent services and assistance.

“I am happy to meet our staff who have given 30 years, 20 years and 10 years of service to the University. This also encourages me because I know that for our staff to stay in this place for more than a decade testifies that we provide a healthy and nurturing working environment for everyone to grow and progress in their careers. Thank you to all of you for your dedication to this University and let us continue to work together as a team to bring TAR UMT to greater heights,” expressed Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Liow in his speech. 

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