Highlights/ Achievements

TAR UMT Duo Captures Champion Title

Team Cincai members (from left) Teng Zheng, Chi Siang and their third team member (fourth team member not pictured here) on stage after winning First Prize in the CYDES Cyber Warzone: Capture the Flag Challenge.


TAR UMT students Choo Chi Siang and Wang Teng Zheng’s adept cyber security skills led their team to capture First Prize in the CYDES Cyber Warzone: Capture the Flag Challenge held in conjunction with CYDES 2023 from 10 – 13 July 2023.

CYDES 2023 is the second edition of the world integrated cyber defense, cyber security and emerging technology event that showcased expertise, solutions, and cutting-edge technologies aimed at combating present and future cyber threats.

Chi Siang and Teng Zheng are part of the 4-member Team Cincai, where the other two members are from Asia Pacific University (APU) and Multimedia University (MMU) respectively. The team successfully came out on top among the 10 Malaysian teams involved in the competition. Their success earned them the opportunity to represent Malaysia in the upcoming Cyber SEA Games 2023 to be held in Bangkok, Thailand later this year.

Describing the competition atmosphere as “exciting”, Chi Siang who is pursuing his Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) in Information Security said: “Competing with the 10 best teams in the nation was so intense. Throughout the challenges until the final stage, our scores were so close even though we were leading throughout the competition. But despite the stiff competition, we stayed focused on our own tasks to maintain our position for the win.”

“We communicated well at every step of the way and used each other’s strengths when tackling the challenges such as web, pwn, cryptography, forensics, and reverse engineering in order to come out with the best possible solution to the challenges. I think our effective communication and strong collective knowledge base gave our team the edge.

“Competitions like this are immensely beneficial because it provides practical exposure to real-world problems and hands-on experience in our field. For example, the challenges we encounter are often more complex than class assignments, thus pushing us to adapt in order to solve the problems,” added Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) in Information Security student Teng Zheng.

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