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MyTIGER Values: Bank's Art Competition Win

Tiffany beaming with pride beside her artwork which gained the Jury’s Special Prize recognition.


The artwork incorporating the TIGER values and SDGs as listed below:



Maybank hosted the sixth MyTIGER Values Art Competition to celebrate Global Tiger Day 2023. Tiffany Arthaputri Gunawan, an international student from Indonesia studying the Bachelor of Creative Multimedia (Hons) programme at TAR UMT, won the Jury's Special Prize in the competition held from 2 May to 1 June 2023. The contest is based on Maybank's core values represented by the TIGER acronym - Teamwork, Integrity, Growth, Excellence and Efficiency, and Relationship Building aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, promote planetary health and ensure that communities can enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

The competition was open to students aged 18 and above from Malaysian public and private higher learning institutions, with three categories: Photo Imaging, Illustration, and Sequential Art (single to eight-panel editorial cartoon/comics). Participants had to submit digital artwork interpreting and presenting any TIGER values or a combination, with a focus on achieving the 12 SDGs. Each submission required a statement of up to 200 words explaining the artwork's rationale.

When asked who motivated her to participate in the competition, Tiffany mentioned: “I was encouraged to join the competition by my digital illustration lecturer, Mr Tham Chen Tong, who provided all the information we needed and practical sessions.”

Using her familiar doodle illustration style, Tiffany incorporated most of the tiger values and SDGs into her artwork. As an international student studying in Malaysia, she found that stepping out of her comfort zone helped her explore more opportunities and unleash her potential in multimedia. “By choosing to study multimedia in TAR UMT, it was a step for me in taking up a new challenge and embracing a culturally diverse environment, which has enriched my learning experience and expanded my horizons as an international student,” she said.

The positively enthusiastic TARCian believes in the power of embracing challenges positively: “Think positively, embrace each experience, even if you don't win. I believe there's always a next time and I encourage everyone to face new challenges with enthusiasm.”


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