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TAR UC Students Demonstrate Altruistic Streak

Some of the participants of the virtual Donation Presentation Ceremony which include beneficiaries, students, lecturers and Senior University College officials, together with Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei (second row from top, third column from right).


With steely determination and unflagging zeal, close to 2,000 TAR UC students put their energy and skills into charitable cause by raising funds for the needy. Their action bore fruit raising a total of RM135,834.55 successfully which was donated to 12 charitable organisations in a virtual Donation Presentation Ceremony that took place on 19 April 2021.

While the fund-raising drive is part of the Civic Consciousness and Volunteerism course conducted by the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (‘FSSH’), the students made it their personal crusade to help the underprivileged especially during these uncertain times due to the pandemic. 

At the Donor Presentation Ceremony, Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei, President of TAR UC, waxed lyrical about the students’ commendable work in his speech. He said: “I would like to commend the hard work and perseverance of all the TAR UC students involved in raising such a large sum of money within a few weeks. Nurturing noble values among our students is one of the objectives of this course as to become a truly civilised nation, our youth must channel their energy into constructive activities that create significant impacts on the needy segments of society.”

“To the students, I would like to congratulate you for an excellent job. In spite of the challenges of online learning and the new normal that you are required to adapt to, you have demonstrated resilience and good teamwork in your fund-raising project to make the lives of others better. This runs in tandem with TAR UC’s mission in providing holistic education that focuses on the total development of the students to their fullest potential. Such approach has led to TAR UC producing many graduates who are instilled with excellent values and attributes, besides the necessary technical knowledge and skills, as reflected by the UC’s tagline “Beyond Education”, Prof Ir Dr Lee continued.

Mr Tilakasiri Simon of Sri Satya Sai Dialysis & Educare Project was very thankful that the project was chosen as one of the beneficiaries. “We have over 50 centres throughout the nation serving the poor, needy and sick in dialysis care and children’s education. Many poor families cannot afford the treatment and would have to spend RM 2,500 – 2,800 per month. So we are here to give a little push, a helping hand to lighten the family’s financial burden. Besides that, we are setting up free kindergartens in rural and remote areas. We set up our first kindergarten in 2019 at Sungai Buloh and the children achieved wonderful results. A big thank you to the students of TAR UC for these acts of kindness in helping us out. It will definitely change your hearts and make you humans of sterling characters,” he said.

Wei Jia Hui, a Diploma in Business Administration Year 1 student, who was the Project Manager, was eager to share how all the students pooled their resources together to make things work during the period from February to March 2021. “We posted on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, shared the links in group chats, communicated through Whatsapp, WeChat and Telegram, as we could not meet face-to-face during the pandemic. We all had to work as a team in everything we did and we felt proud for having the opportunity to help those in need,” she said.

A total of 3,968 donors donated to this project, many of whom are family members, relatives, friends and lecturers who had generously supported the students’ fund-raising efforts through online donation.

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