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TAR UC - Google Collaborative Campaign on Online Safety

Zeffri Yusof (front row, second from left), Ms Dearna Kee (front row, third from left), Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Creative Industries (‘FCCI’), and Ms Lim Siz Siz (front row, fourth from left), Programme Leader for the Bachelor of Public Relations (Hons), together with the Bachelor of Public Relations (Hons) Year Two students at the launch of the “Guardians of the Interwebz” campaign at TAR UC.


Here we Go-ogle again!

After a successful edutainment experience last year, TAR UC’s students will have the opportunity to once again collaborate with Google and this time, it is on online safety.

Last year, the online awareness campaign titled “Cool Tools 4 Skool” executed by TAR UC’s Bachelor of Public Relations (Hons) students that focused on how Google tools could help students in their studies and campus life exceeded expectations by ending with a huge success.

So it is no surprise that Google is on board for another collaboration on online safety campaign titled “Guardians of the Interwebz” that will be executed by the current Bachelor of Public Relations (Hons) Year Two students. As part of the campaign, students will need to utilise online tools and media channels to share important online safety tips to their peers and families in the most effective manner.

This campaign will serve as the perfect platform for students to apply all their knowledge and skills in researching, planning, creating content and managing online engagements for their campaign that will mimic the processes of how campaigns are planned and executed in a typical public relations industry setting.

Zeffri Yusof, Head of Communications and Public Affairs of Google Malaysia, believes that involving students in a campaign focused on online safety will help drive the message through especially among their peers.

“Last year’s campaign’s success helped us realise that the best people to positively influence the digital native generation are the digital natives themselves. We think young people like the students here can work their own magic around the important message of online safety for their peers and juniors so that the experience becomes safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone,” said Zeffri.

Zeffri was present at the launch campaign on 31 May 2019 at the KL Main Campus, which was also attended by Ms Dearna Kee, Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Creative Industries (‘FCCI’), Ms Lim Siz Siz, Programme Leader for the Bachelor of Public Relations (Hons), other representatives from Google Malaysia and the current cohort of Bachelor of Public Relations (Hons) Year Two students.

To further motivate the students to do their best for the “Guardians of the Interwebz” campaign, the group who generates the best results after the end of the campaign in August will be rewarded with an exclusive tour of the Google Malaysia office.


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