Highlights/ Achievements

A Bountiful Harvest

TAR UMT’s academic staff (from left) Dr Khoong, Dr Ow, and Assoc Prof Dr Phuah accepting the Innovative Invention Award for their ‘Work Integrated Learning: Building the Future with Professional Apprentice’ idea at RICE 2023.


TAR UMT’s academic staff reaped rewards from their creative research ideas after taking home one Gold and one Silver award at the inaugural Research, Innovation and Creativity Exhibition (RICE) 2023 that concluded on 6 January 2023.

The trio consisting of Assoc Prof Dr Phuah Kit Teng, Dr Ow Mun Waei, and Dr Khoong Tai Wai from the Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business (FAFB) presented two works during the event - ‘Watch the Future of Food: Eco Friendly Edible Insects’, which won the Silver award and ‘Work Integrated Learning: Building the Future with Professional Apprentice’, which claimed the Gold award and in addition, the Innovative Invention Award.

RICE 2023, organised by Southern University College, Johor, aims to promote the research spirit among students and academicians by providing a platform for them to showcase their innovative ideas that can benefit people, the community and society.

Dr Ow and her colleagues expressed their joy after winning the awards, adding: “This validates the hard work, persistence and determination we put in, because it acknowledges us for a job well done and gives us more confidence about our work.”

She further explained the idea behind ‘Work Integrated Learning: Building the Future with Professional Apprentice’, which is to facilitate learning integrated with work practices in order to enhance students’ learning process.

“We believe that teaching and learning in higher education institutions must be centred on both academic disciplines that comprise the knowledge base and professional practice with the industries, where combining the two entities will further promote student’s development and progression,” said Dr Ow.

On ‘Watch the Future of Food: Eco Friendly Edible Insects’, Dr Ow said that the concept is focused on entomophagy, the practice of consuming edible insects as substitute for other meals which can be key to developing food tourism.

“Entomotourism (insect-focused tourism) is an expanding subsector of the food tourism industry, and it can be a vital long-term development of regional food tourism by promoting entomotourism as a unique gastronomic experience,” she explained.

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