Commendation for Excellent Service

Mr Sri Ram (right) receiving the Excellent Service Award from Mr Choong Yun Loong (left).


For more than 9 years working in TAR UC, Mr Sri Ram A/L Paidih from Johor Branch Campus has never failed to flash his smile every day. To him, this is already a habit and this little yet appreciated gesture makes him the recipient of the Excellent Service Award for the second quarter of 2017. Mr Choong Yun Loong, Head of Johor Branch Campus presented the certificate to Mr Sri Ram on 13 October 2017.

“I am a Junior Technician in Johor Branch Campus and I take pride in the work I do. To me, my work is important as I have the responsibility to ensure that the environment and facilities in TAR UC are always in tip-top condition. I also believe all of us who work in TAR UC have a common responsibility which is to make TAR UC an inspiring place to work. This is why I always communicate with others respectfully. At times, I may face some difficulties as there is language barrier but I am still able to connect with them through my smile,” he remarked.

Mr Sri Ram’s down-to-earth approach also enables students of Johor Branch Campus to reach out to him whenever they need help. “When students request for my mobile number, I give it to them so that they can contact me if they need any assistance on campus and also out of campus. In fact, it is heartening to know that students do not hesitate to contact me when they need help. I remember helping a student to repair his flat motorcycle tyre one morning a few years back. Upon receiving his call for help, I went to his house and helped him to send the motorcycle to the workshop to be repaired,” Mr Sri Ram shared.

Mr Sri Ram is one of the many success stories of TAR UC Service Excellence Campaign. Each TAR UC staff wears the Service Excellence Badge which carries the motto of the campaign which is “Serve, Smile, Shine”. This serves as a reminder to show our sincerity and mutual respect towards one another as we strive towards providing excellent service to TAR UC students.