Highlights/ Achievements

A Distinctive Win for Promising Coder

Lim Kar Mun (left) receiving her certificate of achievement from Mr Ng Chee Kin (right), Assistant Vice President, Administration and Intellectual Property, RW Tech Labs Sdn Bhd.


TAR UC scored once again in the E-Genting competition when Lim Kar Mun, a student in the Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) in Software Engineering programme won the distinction prize in the E-Genting Bug Hunt 2019. The annual competition took place on 3 November 2019, and Kar Mun won RM500 cash prize and a certificate of achievement.

Having won the Distinction prize, Kar Mun has a higher chance of gaining employment in E-Genting. “I was informed that one of the reasons that E-Genting organises this annual competition is to seek skilful programmers for its System Research and Development Department. This is very encouraging for me since I won the distinction prize. I have a higher chance of gaining employment in E-Genting, and I am also convinced that what I have learned in TAR UC is industry-relevant,” Kar Mun said.

This is the first time Kar Mun has participated in a programming competition. The competition proved more challenging when she was required to manually write the necessary coding without making any reference online. “Writing the codes manually is unfamiliar to me but since I have completed many coding exercises in my degree programme, I was able to complete this task. In particular, black box testing and white box testing are common debugging techniques to test if the programme works according to the requirements and produces the expected results. Due to the many assignments and practical sessions which required me to debug codes using these techniques, I was able to identify different kinds of test cases needed for the system. In summary, what I have studied in my degree programme in TAR UC was of great help to me to do well in the competition,” she said.


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