Student Development and Career Guidance (SDCG)

Student Development and Career Guidance (SDCG) is part of the Department of Student Affairs, it is the hub for programmes and services that are central to a student’s personal and career development. It is to encourage the learning and student growth from personal development to career guidance in view of the objective in the development of the whole person. SDCG in partnership with the Counselling Services and Life Coaches conduct awareness campaigns, workshops, talks and seminars. Hence, SDCG offers a wide range of services designed to meet the existing students’ needs and will evolve continually according to time. The services provided are in these areas:

  • Skills Training - Leadership Camp, workshops
  • Career Explorations
  • Other Activities

In order for students to gain concrete knowledge & experience of their growth and development, there is a need of tests tools. Tests tools will be promoted throughout the year. This is the first step to self-exploration, discovering of values, developing strength/potentials, basic understanding of weaknesses and identifying innate skills. We have qualified student counsellors that are ready to do a free basic assessment test with students. From the free basic tests, students will be recommended to take more in-depth tests to ascertain the results of their assessments or attend workshops (e.g. Life Seminars, etc) that will be conducted by licensed trainers or facilitators. After that, the counsellors will gather students’ response for follow-up work with the students own unique personal development programme. 

One of the very practical ways to see the developmental stages of a student is ENACTUS TARUC. ENACTUS is a very unique platform that students can use to develop themselves by helping the communities that are in need. As a result of these projects, each student can show their personal excellence and achievement into becoming an all-rounded student. (Enactus TARUC Facebook)

Career Services 
Another part of students’ development processes is the career development of students. SDCG works closely with the Career Guidance Society (CGS) to organize Career Development Workshops & Talks throughout the semester to help students to be aware of present day industries’ requirements. The Career development workshops are conducted by counselors, recruitment firms and professional organizations 

who would guide students in the identification of skills, interests, values and how to make appropriate career decisions with confidence and maximize their employability opportunities. Students could drop-in at our Student Counselling Services to see any Counsellor who is available (Click to Student Counselling Services Webpage). 

Some of the Career Talks or Workshops that will be conducted throughout the semesters are: 
-Company Talks
-Time Management
-Personality Grooming
-Resume Writing & Interviewing Skills
-Career Decision Making
-Job Search Processes
-Leadership Camp

Other Career Guidances provided are
- Online Job Portal, Employers’ Portfolio Resource