Security Services

Security Services

TAR UMT is guarded by security personnel 24 hours. The roles of security guards are:

  1. To protect persons and properties by developing measures to promote safety and security standard.
  2. To prevent crime, maintain peace, resolves conflicts and promote good order.
  3. To respond to the emergencies and provide assistance to departments, faculties, students and staff; also enhancing Campus' rules and regulations set by the Management.
  4. To liaison with Police, compiling and initiate internal investigation on security related matters.


Security telephone number:


Telephone Number

  KL Main Campus

  03-4145 0278 or 03-4145 0250

  Penang Branch Campus

  04-899 5230 ext 199

  Perak Branch Campus

  05-465 0040

  Johor Branch Campus

  07-927 0803 ext 225 / 218

  Pahang Branch

  09-573 8171 ext 106

  Sabah Branch

  088-718 431



Lost and Found

There is a lost and found service at the Department of Student Affairs. Any item found within the campus grounds will be submitted to the Department of Student Affairs. Students can approach the counter staff to check if their missing item has been found.


GATE 1 (Main Gate) 6.30am-10.00pm 7.15am-7.00pm CLOSED
GATE 2 (CITC)                  7.15am - 7.00pm                Saturday -Close at 4.30 pm  CLOSED CLOSED
GATE 3 (Red Bricks) 7.00am-10.00pm CLOSED CLOSED
GATE 4(CECE) 6.30am-10.00pm CLOSED CLOSED
GATE 5 (Hostel) 6.45am-10.00pm CLOSED CLOSED
GATE 7 (EAST CAMPUS) 7.15am-10.00pm 7.15am-7.00pm CLOSED
GATE 8 (East Campus to West Campus Access)                     7.15am - 10.00pm                   Close at Saturday  CLOSED CLOSED
Gate 9 7.00am-7.00pm (MON-FRI) CLOSED CLOSED

                                                                                             Effective: 22/06/2023

Contact Us

Department of Student Affairs
Tunku Abdul Rahman University OF Management And Technology

Kuala Lumpur Main Campus
Ground Floor, Bangunan Tan Sri Khaw Kai Boh
Jalan Genting Kelang 53300
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-41450123 ext 3752 / 3343
Fax: 03-41423166
WhatsApp: 0111 087 5854

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