The Student Representative Council (SRC) is an elected student body with representatives from all Faculties. The SRC acts as a link between the UC management and students on students’ welfare, facilities and services. The SRC develops student leaders through exposure to real life experiences and equips them with leadership skills. It creates a more vibrant student life for students. It relays important messages from the UC administration to enhance students’ learning experience on campus.

The Functions of the SRC:
  • To foster a spirit of corporate life among the students of the UC;
  • To organise and supervise, subject to the direction of the President, student welfare facilities and activities in the UC;
  • To make representations to the President on all matters connected with the living and working conditions of the students of the UC;
  • To be represented on any body which may, in accordance with the rules made by the Board of Governors for the purpose, be appointed to undertake student welfare activities in the UC; and
  • To undertake such other activities as may be determined by the Senior Management Committee of the UC from time to time.

The SRC are elected by students through elections held annually in the month of February. The nomination form will be made available at all Faculties and Branch Campuses’ General Office. All nominations shall contain a proposer, a seconder and at least two supporters. Voting will be by secret ballot at a specified polling station set at a specific time. The elected SRC shall hold office for one academic year.


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 Student Representative Council

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