Student's Insurance Scheme

Student's Insurance Scheme

A ‘Student Personal Accident Insurance Scheme’ insures all students of the University College.

The policy will cover the students for accidents round the clock worldwide upon payment of the insurance premium by each student.

For more details please refer to the Department of Student Affairs (DSA).


  • Injured while playing games or due to other factors.
  • Bitten by insect or animal e.g dengue fever, dog’s bite and etc.
  • See doctor.
  • Pay the bill and keep the receipts.
  • Refer to the DSA Enquiry Counter for details.
  • Fill up insurance claim form.
  • Attach receipts.

  • Fatal accident.
  • Parent(s) of the deceased student to inform DSA.
  • Submit the completed insurance claim form to DSA.
  • Attach certified true copy of the following: 
    1. Death Certificate.
    2. Burial Permit.
    3. Deceased student’s NRIC and Birth Certificate.
    4. Police Report.
    5. Post Mortem Report.
    6. Parents’ NRIC (both sides on one page).
  • Attach photocopy bills of all funeral expenses 
    (RM 5,000.00 or below)

KL Main Campus:      
Department of Student Affairs (Room A005)
        Ground Floor, Bangunan Tan Sri Khaw Kai Boh
        Kuala Lumpur Main Campus
        Jalan Genting Kelang
        53300 Kuala Lumpur

Ms Ng Poh Yin
Tel: 03-41450123 ext 3398 

Penang Branch Campus:

Student Affairs Office
Ms Ng Yi Jiuan
Tel:04-8995230 ext 181 

Perak Branch Campus:

Student Affairs Office
Ms Tan Siew Siew
Tel:05-4660388, 4668012/3 ext 118 

Johor Branch Campus:

Student Affairs Office
Ms Lee Chai Ling
Tel:07-9270801/3 ext 122 

Pahang Faculty Branch:

Student Affairs Office
Ms Wee Chew Yee
Tel:09-5738171 ext 109 

Sabah Faculty Branch:

Student Affairs Office
Mr Harold S. Linggu
Tel:088-718481/2 ext 203 

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