Introduction of University College Hostel (KL)

There are 10 blocks of 5-storey hostel with a total 1,000 standard rooms. All rooms are twin sharing, with 300 rooms allocated for male and 700 rooms for female in separate blocks. The Hostel can accommodate up to 2,000 students. Each floor has its own common bathrooms, toilets, pantry, water dispenser and drying area.

Every room is furnished with window mosquito netting, ceiling fan, lights, book-case, curtains, single bed with mattress, dustbin, study table and chair for each resident. All resident must prepare their own personal items such as pillows, bed sheets, blankets, and padlocks for their cupboards for hygiene and safety purpose.

The rental charge per resident is an all-inclusive rate of RM210.00 per month for standard room. The fee is payable each semester and the actual amount are based on the duration of the semester.