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1. How does an employer advertise job vacancies in TAR-UMT?
There are 2 ways that an employer can advertise their Job Vacancies - 
i) For full-time job vacancies and internship vacancies: SCDC Company Centre: Vacancies
iii) Additional: Digital Billboards located in East & West Campus.

2. Are there any Career Fairs in TAR-UMT?
Yes, annually there are 2-4 career fairs in TAR UMT. We will have the career fairs usually in the month of Jul/Aug and November. For more information please go here.

3. Does TAR-UMT provide Industrial/Internship Training for students ?
Yes, TAR-UMT offers Industrial/Internship Training in collaboration & partnership with organizations/companies. Each faculty will have different Terms & Conditions. Please visit the sites of the specific faculty from

4. Could an employer conduct on-campus interviews and/or career talks in TAR-UMT?
Yes, it is a matter of timing and we prefer technical talk or guest lecture. We advise employers to participate in TAR-UMT annual Career Fairs. Please contact us for more information.

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